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Thanks to Everyone for joining us for our 50th Anniversary celebration.

We loved seeing your smiling faces and spending time with you!

If you missed us, please stop by and say hi!

Jim Baker (he's the "aero" in Aero Methow) with Cindy Button, Executive Director, Paramedic

Bob Ulrich, Mim & Jack Carpenter, Donna Schultz, Jim Baker

       Meg Trebon, AEMT (current & longtime volunteer), Cindy Button (Director of Services),

Verlene Hughes (former volunteer)


Did you know patients in Okanogan and North Douglas County can leave feedback about their EMS experience?

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Kavi Mitchell teaching CPR to LBHS Freshmen



Could we find you if your life depended on it???

Be sure your address is marked at the road with reflective signs clearly visible from two directions.


which house

Which House is it?

Good Address

Good Address sign!

AND, that your driveway is plowed so we can FIT!


Trench Driveway

For more information or to order an address sign, contact OCFD6 personnel at 996-2227 or click on this link









After class, the CPR manikins come alive!

Say hello to the new addition to our fleet!  In addition to our community, a special thanks to the Moccasin Lake Foundation, the Estate of Red McComb and Lost River Winery for helping us serve you better.

new ambulance

Much appreciation for the main design team who spent countless hours designing the interior compartments to be efficient and useful.

L to R: Brian McAuliffe, Byron Braden, Rick Massey, Kurt Oakley (not pictured)

Children hurt by lawn mowers: predictable, preventable

More than 17,000 children are injured by lawn mowers each year

As lawn mowing season gets under way in much of the country, safety experts are putting out a warning: Watch out for the kids.

Several cases of children seriously injured in mowing incidents have made the news in the past two weeks:

-- A 2-year-old girl in Florida lost both of her feet when her father backed over her with a riding lawn mower on April 10, theAssociated Press reported.

-- A 4-year-old boy in Tennessee had severe cuts on his arms and legs after a lawn mower ran over him, the Tennessean reported on April 17.

-- A 2-year-old Maryland boy was in critical condition after a lawn mower he was riding with his grandfather overturned into a creek, the Baltimore Sun reported Sunday.

Such accidents are not unusual: More than 17,000 children a year are injured by lawnmowers, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

"These can be life-changing injuries for children, but they are totally preventable," says Steven Lovejoy, an orthopedic surgeon at Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt, Nashville. He analyzed lawn mower injuries for a report published in 2012.

In the most recent case he treated, a 6-year-old boy lost a foot after he fell off a mower driven by a 10-year-old girl, he says. Often, he says, children are hurt while riding on an adult's lap, as in the Maryland case. "People remember doing that when they were kids and think it's OK," he says.

In many other cases, he says, children are hurt when they run up to adults who are operating mowers and do not see or hear the children coming.  That's why he advises adults to "always know where your children are," when mowers are in use.

Here are some additional safety tips from the American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical groups:

-- Don't allow children under age 12 to operate a push mower or those under 16 to drive a riding mower.

-- When children and adolescents are old enough to use mowers, teach them safety steps such as wearing goggles and sturdy shoes.

-- Do not allow children to ride on mowers as passengers.

-- Keep children off the lawn while mowing.

-- Pick up potential flying objects, such as stones and toys, before you start mowing.

-- Do not pull a mower backward or ride it in reverse unless absolutely necessary. If you do mow backwards, carefully look for children behind you.

Also – be careful of pets around while you are mowing!