Ride Along Program

Aero Methow Rescue Service offers a Ride Along program for individuals interested in learning more about our organization and about volunteer opportunities.

If you are interested in Emergency Medical Service response and want to learn more before pursuing education or if you are a certified responder and want to get a feel for Aero Methow Rescue Service, please contact us at 509-997-4013

Application and approval is required before participating in the program.


Frequently Asked Questions About Volunteering

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Volunteering with Aero Methow Rescue Service

1. How do I volunteer as an emergency responder with Aero Methow Rescue Service?

In order to volunteer with Aero Methow Rescue Service you must be able to meet our volunteer requirements which include:

  • Live within the AMRS response area (see Service Area).
  • Be certified in the State of Washington at least at the level of Emergency Medical Responder
  • Have no lifting restrictions    
  • Be able to read, write, speak and understand English at a high school level
  • Be available for 12 hour "on call" shifts to respond to 911 calls, at least 4 times per month
  • Be within 5 minutes of any ambulance station while on call (Twisp, Winthrop or Mazama). This means you either have to: live close to town, or if you work in town you would have to be able to leave work immediately, or you may spend your shift at the Twisp Station with the on call crew. If you choose to be on call at night and do not live within 5 minutes of any of the ambulance stations, you may stay at Toni's or crew quarters in Twisp.
  • Be available to occasionally volunteer as part of a standby crew at special events (sporting events, rodeos, races, etc.)
  • Attend monthly meetings/training — the 3rd Monday of the month at Aero Methow Station in Twisp.
  • Complete driver training through Aero Methow Rescue Service (no additional charge)
  • Pass Washington State Patrol and Office of Inspector General (OIG) background check
  • Submit a Washington State Motor Vehicle Report without significant violations 
  • Submit 3 references regarding your ability to work well with others, your reliability, dependability and ability to perform duties in stressful situations with minimal supervision
  • Be current on immunization and submit a negative TB test
2. What does 4-12 hour shifts mean?

You must be available to respond to the ambulance within 5 minutes of the tone (the page for an ambulance) for a 12 hour period 4 times a month. Some volunteers pick one night or day a week (usual shifts are 6:00am to 6:00pm and/or 6:00pm to 6:00am with some adjustments for work schedules).

3. Once I am certified what do I have to do to maintain my certification? You must complete required annual training. The majority of the training is done online. The required practical skills are practiced and evaluated at the Aero Methow Rescue Service's monthly meetings/training night. Your certification is good for 3 years. If you have not kept current with the required training you will not be able to re-certify.
4.When is the monthly meeting/training?

The monthly meeting is the 3rd Monday of the month in our training room in Twisp, unless it is a holiday and then it is the Monday before or after the holiday. The meetings/trainings start promptly at 6:00.

5. Do I have to go to these meeting/training nights?

Yes!  Washington State requires Emergency Medical providers maintain their certifications through an approved training program.  Our monthly meeting/training nights are a key component of our state approved OTEP training plan.

6. What will I actually do when volunteering with as an emergency responder with Aero Methow Rescue Service?
  • Patient care - assist the Paramedic and/or experienced EMT
  • Drive the ambulance
  • Assist with our Injury Prevention Programs: Contact Theresa Remsberg (997-4013) for details on volunteering.
    • SAIL – Stay Active and Independent for Life – A falls prevention exercise program for senior citizens.
    • Bike Safety Rodeos – two times a year in the Spring – typically held at Pearrygin Lake State Park and TwispWorks –
    • Child Passenger Safety Team – Car Seat Check Events are held Spring through Fall at local venues.
  • Respond with our partner - Okanogan County Search and Rescue and provide care to those sick and injured in remote and inaccessible areas.

 7. What will it cost me to be a volunteer?

Aero Methow Rescue Service makes every effort to minimize the cost to the volunteers. We provide you with one uniform (if you are active we will provide an additional uniform), a radio, your vaccinations (Hepatitis B), and meals for meeting nights and transports that span the time of regular meals (such as a quick meal at the Mini-Market on the way home from the hospital). Our Volunteer Appreciation Party is always the 1st Sunday in December for you and your spouse, significant other and/or domestic partner. Aero Methow Rescue also pays you for going on a call, standby and rescue. This is a nominal amount that is far below minimum wage (so we can still call you a volunteer) but amazingly adds up throughout the year. This is paid once a year at the Volunteer Appreciation Party. Aero Methow Rescue is a non-profit corporation - therefore all your travel expenses to the meetings/trainings and rescues and other related expenses are a charitable contribution.