Medic 864, AMRS primary ambulance stationed in Twisp, and the flagship of the fleet is a 2015 Dodge 4500 4WD North Star.  It was purchased in August 2015.  Medic 865, AMRS Winthrop ambulance is a 2013 Dodge 4500 4WD North Star, and was purchased with very generous contributions from the Moccasin Lake Foundation as well as the Lost River Winery and the Estate of Red McComb.

3 - 1998 MedStar Modular ambulances (2 in Twisp and 1 in Mazama)
Purchased in October 1998 with a loan from the Okanogan County Electric Cooperative. The payments made to the Co-op are placed in a revolving loan account where businesses, non-profit corporations and public agencies can apply for low interest loans. The payments made by Aero Methow Rescue Service for the ambulances continue to revolve and help the community.

Advanced Life Support Rapid Response Vehicles







Vehicles are equipped with all the medical equipment and supplies usually found in the ambulances.
The primary function is to respond initially to the scene so the Paramedic may begin emergency care.
The on call Paramedic is assigned a vehicle for their shift.

2- Ford Expedition 4x4 – equipped with emergency medical equipment.

1- Ford Excursion  4x4 - equipped with winch, emergency medical equipment, search and rescue equipment.

1- GMC Suburban 4x4 – equipped with emergency medical equipment and stretcher.

1- GMC Suburban 4x4 - equipped with emergency medical equipment and stretcher. The equipment in this vehicle is intended for use in off road emergencies such as search and rescues, wildfires and multicasualty incidents.

1- Ford Escape  4x4 - equipped with emergency medical equipment.

All emergency response vehicles are equipped with 2-way radios and cell phones.

Ambulances are equipped with a Zoll Medical multi-function biphasic defibrillator/pacer/12 lead EKG unit. Rapid response vehicles carry a Zoll AED defibrillator. Each ambulance has automatic blood pressure units, 3-port IV pumps, both portable and fixed suction devices, 3 back boards, a pediatric emergency kit, pediatric restraint devices, fixed and portable oxygen bottles, emergency medications, airway management supplies, Multi-Casualty Incident supplies, vacuum splints, obstetric/child birth kit, burn and trauma care supplies, body substance isolation kits, and other emergency supplies. All ambulances are stocked with mandatory equipment as regulated by the State of Washington, as well as equipment that has been deemed essential after years of service!

Search and Rescue Trailer

Winter ContentsWinter Rescue SledSnowmobile
Snowmobile Rescue Sled
Cargo Sled
Raft for Ice Rescues

Summer Contents
Rescue Cart
Trail Bike
High Angle Rescue equipment – helmets, ropes, climbing equipment
Raft for Swiftwater Rescues – helmets, swiftwater life-saving vests
Horseback Rescue Supplies – saddle bags, etc. for volunteers with horses

Miscellaneous Equipment
GPS units, headlamps, extra outdoor clothing for rescuers, backpacks, patient packaging system (a sophisticated sleeping bag for injured people, that has multiple zippers for patient access and a hood that protects the head) extra supplies and clothing for an injured person and their party, tarps and other essential equipment for overnight rescues.