Injury Prevention Programs...
Child Passenger Safety Seats
Installation checks are available by appointment at Aero Methow Rescue, Twisp quarters.
Contact Theresa Remsberg, or Brian McAuliffe. Certified Technicians. NHTSA.


 S.A.I.L.Stay Active and Independent for Life

 A strength and balance fitness class for seniors 65 and older, which meets 2 times per week for 1 hour.
Contact Theresa Remsberg at 997-4013 for additional information.


Mock Crash

A program presented to the High School students. The program starts with a speaker that was involved in a crash that resulted in severe injuries, in the past years the speaker was paralyzed in a motorcycle crash that involved drugs and alcohol. The students are brought out into the parking lot to view a car crash that has occurred that involves teens drinking and driving. There are usually 2 fatalities and several students severely injured. The students watch the agencies; fire, police, ambulance, air ambulance and hearse attend to the patients and manage the scene. The students are then brought back into the school for a funeral service for the teens that died.


Bike Helmets

Aero Methow Rescue Service is able to make bike helmets available through the support of the Winthrop Kiwanis. Annually, a Bicycle Road and Trail Safety Rodeo is held in partnership with Pearrygin Lake State Park.

Child Passenger Safety Education- Protecting Our Children and Youth
A presentation to increase awareness of the life-saving benefits of all occupant protection devices and the critical role parents, caregivers, and all adults play in making children lifelong seat belt users.

A presentation designed to target the teenage audience and increase adolescents' knowledge and belief about the risks of injuries, the importance of wearing seatbelts and to save lives. 

Injury Prevention / Wellness Presentations
Presentations designed to meet the needs of target audiences of all ages.
Contact Theresa Remsberg at 997-4013 for additional information.

Organ Donation

A ½ hour program developed for the driver’s education class but available to anyone interested in tissue and organ donation. The program includes a 10 minute video from the Northwest Tissue Center.

Risk Watch
An injury prevention program endorsed by Aero Methow Rescue Service and administered through the Methow Valley Elementary School staff and coalition of emergency providers. They program incorporates safety, injury prevention and emergency care into the everyday school curriculum.